Earth’s sixth mass extinction is already underway


Earth’s sixth mass extinction is already underway

Most scientists agree that a “mass extinction” event is underway with the Earth’s fauna disappearing at an alarming rate, mainly due to human activity.

Scientists advocate overpopulation, excessive consumption of the rich and aggression against biodiversity pushing the Earth to its limit faster than ever.

But this is not the first time in the last billion years, there have been five major epouvantailages in which more than half of living beings disappeared in a geological instant.

Exactly said, more than 90 percent of organizations that have already crossed, swam, jumped or dropped on Earth now are gone.

Most of life at the time was in the oceans. Rapid training is thought to, globally, glaciers froze much of the world’s water, which resulted in a sharp drop in sea level.
Marine organisms such as sponges and algae, as well as snails, primitive clams, cephalopods and fish without mandible called ostracoderms, all suffered as n

Again, marine organisms were most affected. Fluctuations in sea level, climate change and the impact of asteroids are all suspect.

One theory says that the massive expansion of plant life on land releases compounds that have caused oxygen depletion in shallow waters. Armored sea creatures, called benthic trilobites, are among the many victims, although some species have survived.

The mother of all extinctions, the “Great Death” devastated the ocean and terrestrial life, and it is the only event that has nearly erased insects as well.

Some scientists say that death occurred over millions of years, while others say they are very concentrated in a period of 200,000 years.

At sea, the trilobites that had survived the last two victories have finally succumbed, as have sharks and bony fish.

On land, the massive reptiles that are known under the name Moschops fulfill their disappearance. Asteroid impacts, release of methane and fluctuations in sea level were accused.

The mysterious Triassic mortandad Cape removed a large collection of animals from large land animals, including most of the archosaurs, a diverse group that gave birth to dinosaurs and relatives who now live are birds and crocodiles. Most of the large amphibians were also eliminated.

One theory emphasizes massive eruptions of lava in the dissolution of the Pangea super continent, which could release huge amounts of carbon dioxide, causing global warming in general.

Other scientists suspect that asteroid attacks are to blame, but the corresponding craters have not yet been found.

An impact from space space is suspect # 1 for the extinction event that wiped out non-avian dinosaurs in the world, T-Rex, Triceratops flanked.

A huge crater of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is compatible with hypothetical asteroids.

But most mammals, turtles, crocodiles and frogs have survived, as do birds and most of marine life, including sharks, starfish and sea urchins.

With dinosaurs away, mammals thrived, which can cause the species Homo sapiens – which triggered the sixth mass extinction.

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