Gym workout proves fatal for Hyderabad techie; 22-year-old dies suspiciously – Read


Gym workout proves fatal for Hyderabad techie; 22-year-old dies suspiciously – Read

Excessive indulgence in something does more harm than good – even if it is right for you. Exercise is also one of those things.

Although physical activities such as exercise and gym are supposed to be good for you and keep you in shape, you can return the ball to your health.

It cost a 22-year-old technician employed at Dell his life. According to reports, police said, Varun Kumar entered the office before his shift was started and ran into the gym to do some exercise before its start.

He had just begun his exercises when he suddenly complained of chest pain and began to sweat profitable.

“Gym instructors asked him to sit for a while, but he suddenly collapsed in a heap and lost consciousness.” Varun was rushed to the clinic now on campus. Pulse was hovering at 40 ”, according to Madhapur sub-inspector Vijay Kumar, the Times of India.

Originally from Vizag, Varun resided Matrusrinagar to Miyapur. He joined Dell there a year and was a regular at the gym.

The report adds that TOI Varun has not eaten properly the night before, and was still going to the gym to listen. His father also said that his son had a heart problem in the past.

A suspected case of death under section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure was registered and an autopsy was carried out. After that, the body was handed over to the family, while their viscera were sent for their forensic examination, reported The Hindu.

The tragic and untimely death of Varun must understand the importance of understanding that the body can not adapt to an overworked lifestyle.

Excessive exercise at which the body is not ready can cause significant oxidative damage.

Realizing your limits and physical ability becomes essential in this regard. Workouts should not exceed 5 to 6 hours per week, making it even more important to understand your body’s needs and know when to stop.

The body needs to rest so much to exercise. The recovery period is very important for muscle growth. Slowly, the lack of resistance and also filtered to affect your exercise regime.

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