How Bihar’s blanket alcohol ban is impacting its TB program


How Bihar’s blanket alcohol ban is impacting its TB program

A total ban on Bihar alcohol had a negative impact on the state’s revised National Program for the Fight against Tuberculosis (RNTCP).

The connection may seem strange, but the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Union is disturbed by the lack of availability of ethyl alcohol, alcohol and the absolute spirit required for the diagnostic tests of tuberculosis.

Ministry officials have written to the head of the Bihar Health Department to resolve the issue as a priority.

“With the ban on alcohol imposed in Bihar, there is a serious shortage of ethyl alcohol used to test tuberculosis in public and private laboratories.

Laboratories and hospitals are facing difficulties in buying alcohol, “said Dr. Jagdish Prasad, Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health Union …

Smear microscopy is the most common diagnostic test used to detect tuberculosis. This is a microscopic examination of sputum smear or other clinical material impregnated with a glass slide.

Reagents (analytes) that are required for smear microscopy (Ziehl Neelsen and fluorescent dyes) include absolute alcohol.

You also need the mind for the lamps that are used to make smears. Plots of nucleic acid amplification of the test cartridge (CBNAAT) cleaning core, as part of the monthly maintenance also requires alcohol.

CBNAAT is a diagnostic device for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and rapid detection of drug resistance against tuberculosis.

Intermediate Reference Laboratories and Culture laboratories and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) also need alcohol to perform various procedures.

In addition, 70% fresh alcohol is also required at all levels for surface disinfection; The Ministry of Health informed the state government.

“Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential for the effective fight against tuberculosis program. The government of Bihar should abolish the ban on alcohol and spirit use, especially in laboratories and hospitals, as this is essential for the testing of microscopy.

We urged the Government of Bihar to wipe out the ban on alcohol in hospitals and laboratories for uninterrupted diagnostic services under the RNTCP, “said Dr. Prasad.

Bihar recorded 64 158 cases of tuberculosis in public hospitals last year, 33% of all cases in the state. There are 736 microscopic laboratories, with the exception of 38 special laboratories for the detection of tuberculosis.

The Government of Bihar headed by Nitish Kumar, has imposed a total ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol, including foreign liquor established in India (IMFL) April 5, 2016, declaring Bihar dry. Kumar emphasizes the positive impact of the decision.

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