Maharashtra human rights panel notice to prisons department after inmate is killed in Byculla jail

The Women’s State Committee also decided to form a special three-member investigative team to investigate the incident.

Examination by the Maharashtra Defense Group on human rights in the prison service after the death of a detainee in Byculla

The Maharashtra Human Rights Commission on Thursday issued a warning to the state prison department and deputy chief of police after reports surfaced of the brutal murder of one of its detainees by prison authorities. The Commission, which is aware of the matter, gave a period of time until 17 July to submit a report on the incident.

The report of Manjula Shetye’s death appeared after a witness presented a FIR at the Nagpada police station. According to the plaintiff, six prison officials were brutally beaten and sexually assaulted the 38-year-old prisoner who complain of two eggs and five slices of bread that lacked the ration in the morning of June 23 “The Commission has taken its full motu Knowledge of this and decided to learn about the subject, “read the announcement posted by the Committee Chairman, SR Bannurmath, according to The Indian Express.

The five gendarmes and the jailer were reserved to attack and kill Shetye sexually. They were suspended later, reported The Indian Express. Shetye’s death sparked mass protests and more than 200 prisoners have been booked for committing a prison mutiny.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission has decided to create a special three-member investigative team to investigate the incident. President MSWC Vijaya Rahatkar told IANS that the team would have a retired first instance judge, a retired IPS officer and a representative of a women’s NGO. “[They] will visit the prison and talk to the inmates who were beaten during the riots. It will record the statements of all concerned, including Indrani Mukerjea,” Rahatkar told the news agency.

The witness said that in the FIR Shetye was appointed by the private room of Manisha Pokharkar agent. She was attacked there and returned to the barracks. Later, the female police officers Bindu Naikade, Waseema Shaikh, Shital Shegaonkar, Surekha Gulve and Aarti Shingne did strip and raped with a stick, or lathi.

Initially, no official was only arrived with Shetye said the FIR. Shetye was taken to the resident doctor after being unconscious in the bathroom. He died at the JJ Hospital. The autopsy report said Shetye was about 11 to 13 blue, while the dean of the hospital TP Lahane said her lungs were damaged.

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