Proposal to increase foreign players splits the I-League clubs in AIFF meeting

On a spectacular day at AIFF’s High Football House in Dwarka, New Delhi, there were a few shrugs at the end of a meeting between the representatives of the eight League I clubs (the shillong Lajong exception) and the Federation officials.

The day started with a previous meeting between the Taj Vivanta clubs near you with the label “Productive” Owner Minerva Punjab, Ranjit Bajaj. These signs are promising for the league, because teams rarely have seen the eyes.

At the meeting chaired by AIFF Vice President Subrata Dutta and assisted by Secretary Kushal Das and League-League CEO, Sunando Dhar, which resulted in radical changes proposed league structure with a major change in foreigners Authorized for the model ‘6 + 2’ for the team, representing only 2 recruits from the countries of the Asian Confederation.

At present, it is in a “3 + 1” model, where each team is allowed four foreign players, according to the AFC regulations. On the spot, the new proposal is that five foreign players are allowed, with one of those from a country affiliated with the AFC.

Some of these owners / officer left the meeting to ventilate completely unsatisfied. One of them said that the meeting was “kidnapped”, another said “we were pushed into it,” a third limited to asking “what can we do?”

At the center of everything were officials of the two giants of Calcutta, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.

In unison with other clubs before the meeting, the two clubs headed Bagan Srinjoy Bose and EB Shanti Ranjan Dasgupta led a major foreign (appearance, without the consent of the other clubs), while Minerva Chennai City Aizawl FC DSK Shivajians and Neroca FC were opposed.

Shirish Kulkarni DSK was absolutely inflexible when leaving the meeting, “Yes, they offer this, but it is not mandatory that we have to play with five foreigners. I will play my players from India.”

Aizawl’s owner, Robert Royte, was even more forceful, he said, “I stick to what I said. I want the ‘3 + 1’ rule to come in. It’s even more important for us because we’re going to participate in the Champions League Of the AFC this coming season. Foreigners are essential, but we have a lot of good young Mizo players. ”

For now, it seems that the two clubs in Kolkata are trying to win the league by signing more foreigners, others can rely on local talent to match them. One thing that all the owners have agreed: budgets are already to the limit certainly increase this moment.

Another reason why clubs accept the parallel operating leagues seems to be the fact that Chennai FC officials Minerva Punjab, Aizawl, Neroca FC and DSK Shivajians seem to have joined a large number of players from India to the Long-term contracts. Players may only be issued for the ISL draw, if applicable, with the consent of their parent clubs. Royte even said that some of his young academy players had seven contracts.

The league will begin in November, but with parallel operation leagues, there will be some programming difficulties. All the clubs have insisted that the Indian star should broadcast their matches this time, and the games will be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, although some may have to look elsewhere.

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