The distributor and. business head were not meeting each other!

then come up with your ten?!” Raghuveer did not like the tone that was taking over. He understood everyone’s compunctions but he also desired equanimity. Without that business could not happen. “We can bicker all we want,” he told Bawa. “But finally work can come only from a centre of peace.” But his shock new no bounds when a frustrated Andre did a Reply All: “This is a meeting designed to prove me wrong and ineffective. I did not hire Belani, and he is a huge part of the problem. You solve him and I will solve your market. Maybe Raghuveer holds the key?”

Bawa thought he was being tongue- in-cheek; Raghuveer felt maybe Andre was actually asking for help. Haney shook his head and chanted his mantra: he was shutting down India. This did not augur well for any­one: not for Singapore, not for India. Andre did a sequel to his last mail to everyone and said in particular to Bawa, “My responsibility depends a lot on Belani fulfilling his. Those who are responsible for appointing
him need to crack the whip on him to deliver his end of the bargain.”

Raghuveer sat making furious notes, late one evening when his part­ner asked him, “Anyjoy with Kloop? What’s the story?”

Raghuveer: If I narrate a story, there will be a villain and a hero and a vic­tim. They all look bad, sad and mad. We need to wait for the story to play out. In any new organisation, even the best guys will throttle each other if we do not have a mentor/coach. It is a moment of great churn. No villains in my story….

BUT everyone put their heads to­gether to see what could be done to improve the sales performance as ev­eryone was concerned about Haney’s ultimatum. Shutting down India would mean many things, chiefly everyone at Kloop India would lose their jobs; Belani’s ROI would be sma­shed and he would have to sack 20 people to stay afloat. That was not a very nice situation to look forward to.

Would cooperation work? Would bitter anger work? Where lay the solution when egos were like daggers drawn?

Raghuveer met Belani. He was doing the bare minimum; in short he just sold, but did not push the product. “You people have to ideate all that, what can I do?” was his response.

But he could have acted on a tip that Arpita, one of Raghuveer’s consul­tants had worked on. Two large hotel chains, clients of Bright and Thakur agreed to use Kloop Breakfast cereal for six months. But Belani was unable to act on it nor was Andre able to

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