Uttar Pradesh government admits three dengue deaths

Uttar Pradesh government admits three dengue deaths

The Government of Uttar Pradesh admitted in the state assembly that 104 cases of dengue with three deaths have been reported in the state until Tuesday.

Health and Health Minister UP Siddharth Nath Singh said that the number of dengue deaths reported in 2015 and 2016 was 10 and 49 respectively.

He said that the state government had notified the Regulation in November 2016 and that the regulations have now been implemented to control the outbreak of dengue.

Doctors who treat patients must follow the established protocol, he added.

BSP member Ritesh Pandey raised the question of a movement that would rise in the state set. Pandey said that dengue was becoming an epidemic in the state.

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Singh said the state government could take action against physicians at King George Medical University if doctors did not follow the protocol reported for patients with dengue.

Singh said that a mosquito had started and 10 beds in each district hospital and five beds in each community health center had been reserved for patients with dengue.

He said that the state government had provided vaccination in each hospital. Measures will be taken against those who ordered tests outside the hospital, he said.

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